Friday Favorites — Summer Specials

Hello again, and happy Friday!

For this week’s favorites we thought we would give sum­mer one last hoorah!





If you’re plan­ning one last get together for the sum­mer, add these cut­lery tags from Eat Drink Chic to your set up! It’s an easy way to dec­o­rate for FREE. You can down­load yours here.










Who doesn’t love s’mores?

They are easy, deli­cious, and the fla­vor com­bi­na­tions are endless!

Try adding a s’mores sta­tion to your party! Our favorite add ons are: peanut but­ter, caramel, and fruit!














Sum­mer wouldn’t be sum­mer with­out… ICE CREAM! Our final Fri­day favorite is this plum ice cream recipe from Brook­lyn Sup­per. Try your hand at ice cream­ery! See the recipe here.




Happy Week­end!



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We can’t do it all…and that’s ok

A few days ago I had a won­der­ful con­ver­sa­tion with a dear friend. We talked a bit about Bought Beau­ti­fully.  I have thought about one of her com­ments, and wanted to share with you all about it in greater detail. Here it is:

I want to be inten­tional with my pur­chases, but am often dis­cour­aged by the time and expense that this involves.”

She is so right. Being inten­tional with our finances is hard and often times over­whelm­ing!  We have so many demands in our lives and pock­et­books, not to men­tion options. Buy­ing local, organic, nat­ural, sus­tain­able, fair trade, etc., com­bined with meet­ing daily needs and sav­ing for emer­gen­cies, col­lege and retirement.

PHEW, just think­ing through all these things can be drain­ing and guilt rid­den, and act­ing on them is time-consuming and expensive!!

So, how do we choose where to spend our time, energy and finances, when the real­ity is — we can’t do it all?

First, I think it is really impor­tant to acknowl­edge and accept that when it comes to eth­i­cal shop­ping (and life in gen­eral) we can’t do it all AND that is ok!  We are cov­ered by the GRACE of an amaz­ing sav­ior who has already done it all.  All we have to do is respond to the gifts that He has given us with love and the rest will fall into place.  I expanded more on how I learned this les­son in my post Con­fes­sions of a Choco­holic.  Ulti­mately, in this jour­ney I have learned that:

Being over­whelmed by the mag­ni­tude of the world’s prob­lems is from the enemy.

Small thingsBeing moved by our abil­ity to make small choices that pos­i­tively impact those in the world and around us, is excit­ing, empow­er­ing and joyful!


When decid­ing how to use our finances, it boils down to doing small things with great love and trust­ing that the love in which that action was done will go out into the world with a rip­ple effect.


This week I will share a series of posts explain­ing how we try to pur­pose­fully apply this con­cept to our shop­ping.  I’m call­ing it How to Shop Beau­ti­fully.  This is by no means a com­pre­hen­sive guide on eth­i­cal shop­ping ‚but rather me shar­ing how our fam­ily has decided to approach these chal­lenges and how we guide our shop­ping deci­sions.  Like all great con­ver­sa­tions, this one will be so much bet­ter if it is two-sided. We have so much that we can learn from one another. So, please teach me along with other read­ers!  Share what you do and the ideas you have with us in the com­ment section!


Let’s start at the begin­ning, the First Step we take before buy­ing some­thing new is to run through this series of ques­tions. I made this sweet flow chart for your view­ing plea­sure, but keep read­ing because I elab­o­rate on these ques­tions below.

How to Shop2

1. Do I need this?

We have found that ask­ing this ques­tion reminds us of our pri­or­i­ties and helps us keep per­spec­tive.  Many of the things we pur­chase aren’t basic neces­si­ties (food, water, shel­ter). They might be impor­tant or nice to have but they aren’t nec­es­sary for sur­vival.  Answer­ing no to this ques­tion does not mean that we won’t buy the item, but it reminds us of our good for­tune and helps us stay moti­vated to buy it beautifully.

2. Can I find it used?

Buy­ing used prod­ucts is a great way to save money and be envi­ron­men­tally respon­si­ble (recy­cling at it’s finest!).

3. Can I bor­row it from a friend?

This is a great solu­tion for items that you use for lim­ited amounts of time; such as baby items, one time events (wed­dings, show­ers, trips), house projects, etc..  I will be the first to admit that this one is harder to do. It is hum­bling to ask, and bor­row­ing isn’t a cul­tural norm (but we can change that).  How­ever, I urge you to give it a try as this has prob­a­bly been one of the most impact­ful finan­cial changes we have made. Bor­row­ing car seats, infant toys, power tools, etc. from friends has freed up the money we need to meet some of our other finan­cial goals; sav­ing more and buy­ing Birth­day presents beau­ti­fully.

4. Can I buy it Beautifully?

Once we decide that we are going to buy a prod­uct, we strive to buy it beau­ti­fully.  This doesn’t look the same for every prod­uct, as we know, all too well, that you can’t always find a fair trade, green, pur­chased locally Bas­ket­ball Hoop/Coffee Maker/any prod­uct here.  In gen­eral, we look for our prod­ucts to meet at least one of the fol­low­ing cri­te­ria: Fair Trade/ Liv­ing Wage, from a com­pany we respect, a prod­uct that is built to last, or that is Made in Amer­ica.  Your list might look dif­fer­ent based on your val­ues and what you are pri­or­i­tiz­ing in your life at this time.  In the next posts I will explain and give exam­ples of how we actu­ally shop.

What steps do you take to be more inten­tional with your purchases?



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Noonday Collection = Quaintrelle

If you are fol­low­ing the Noon­day Col­lec­tion Blog train, wel­come to Bought Beau­ti­fully.  If you are a reg­u­lar reader, Happy Wednes­day!  I hope your day is as going as great as mine.


Today is the last day of our fam­ily vaca­tion in won­der­ful Min­nesota.  Need­less to say, the word vaca­tion has an entirely dif­fer­ent mean­ing and pace when vaca­tion­ing with chil­dren under 4! It has been an action packed but won­der­ful week.

Noon­day Style = Quaintrellequaint definition

If you missed Monday’s post, this week’s word of the week is Quain­trelle.

I can’t think of a bet­ter word to describe the women behind Noon­day Col­lec­tion (the founders and employ­ees, the ambas­sadors, and the arti­sans).  All these women are chang­ing the world for the bet­ter.  They find their plea­sure, not in self­ish pur­suits, but in sup­port­ing and encour­ag­ing one another, fight­ing for jus­tice, pro­vid­ing eco­nomic oppor­tu­ni­ties and look­ing good while doing it!


To cel­e­brate all that is good about Noon­day Col­lec­tion, we are giv­ing away one of my cur­rent favorite Noon­day pieces.

What I love about Noon­day is that they live out Romans 12:2 (Don’t copy the behav­ior and cus­toms of this world, but let God trans­form you into a new per­son by chang­ing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleas­ing and per­fect. — New Liv­ing Trans­la­tion).


They have seen and responded to our culture’s desire for fash­ion and style but they have done it in way that hon­ors God by lov­ing and car­ing for His peo­ple — totally Bought Beau­ti­fully!  So, today is your chance to win the Noon­day Col­lec­tion Ele­gant Arrows Neck­lace (actu­ally, all month is your chance to win if you fol­low the Noon­day Blog train!).


Classy, isn’t it?

To win this neck­lace, sign up to receive Bought Beau­ti­fully Posts via email:

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For more Noon­day Good­ies and to hear from some amaz­ing women, fol­low the Noon­day Blog train, you can read this morning’s post by Wayne here and tomorrow’s post by Leigh here.

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Word of the Week — Quaintrelle

It’s a new week, and we thought this new word might change the way you approach it! 

quaint definition


Liv­ing life is easy.

Liv­ing a life of pas­sion is often forgotten.

 You were cre­ated to be unique. Make the most of your pas­times, your charm, and your style.

flower holder


Are you ready to become a quaintrelle?



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Dreamin’ His Dreams


This is a hard post to write. I AM SCARED! I like to think that I have no prob­lem being open, hon­est, and vulnerable…until it comes to actu­ally being open, hon­est, and vul­ner­a­ble about real things.  But I am going to be brave and give some details about the last two years of my life. So grab a cup of tea (it’s a long one), pull up a comfy chair and read on as I share about my hopes, dreams and failures.

Those of you who have fol­lowed our blogs for a while, or know me per­son­ally, know that 2 years ago I quit a great job that I loved to pur­sue a vision of the life and call­ing that I always believed God had for me.  It was a hard and scary deci­sion because I really loved my job. It was chal­leng­ing, ful­fill­ing and safe! Not to men­tion it pro­vided a great 2nd income for our family.

BUT it seemed like there was some­thing more for me.  The work didn’t quite match the unique way that God made my heart beat or the life that Colin and I always dreamed we’d have. I was a bit rest­less — con­stantly yearn­ing for some­thing dif­fer­ent.  So, Colin and I decided that if we were ever going to trust God and try some­thing risky, we had to do it before we had more kids, before we got too used to our com­fort­able two income exis­tence, and before we were too old and scared.

So, two years ago we took the  plunge and began work­ing on what was then Con­sumers in Christ (now the Bought Beau­ti­fully Market).

Liv­ing my dream hasn’t really felt like liv­ing the dream.

To be com­pletely hon­est, the last two years have been HARD. REALLY HARD.  There have been more late nights and more tears than any other time in my life.

I have been hum­bled. I have FAILED.  And you know what?  It wasn’t that bad! Fear of fail­ing was the thing that always kept me from really doing anything.

In the last two years I have failed. I had to build a web­site, rebuild a web­site, brand a com­pany con­cept, re-brand that com­pany con­cept, admit to not under­stand­ing things, ask for and accept help  (THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS who came along side me with so much grace, kind­ness, and brains!).

Out of this dif­fi­culty came so much good­ness.  Just like God said he would, he brought beauty out of ashes (Isa­iah 61:3). I learned from my fail­ures, and am much bet­ter and wiser because of them.

I’ve learned:

  • To trust God with every­thing; my heart, my job, my iden­tity, my income.

  • To lean not on my own under­stand­ing (Proverbs 3:5).

  • That I can FAIL, but I am not a failure.

  • How to really pray (fer­vently and sincerely).

  • AND that liv­ing your dreams looks a lot like hard work. It isn’t always fun, BUT it is totally worth it.

We have no idea what will come from the mar­ket. It might fail accord­ing to the world’s def­i­n­i­tion, and that is ok.  I would still count the last two years as a success.

Dur­ing this time period my rela­tion­ship with God has gone to new depths and I have achieved beau­ti­ful new under­stand­ings of Him.  I have seen His face, His glory, and His heart, and I would not trade that for all the suc­cess in the world.

Do you remem­ber last week’s word of the week?tumblr_mg1v38XgvA1ri24bso1_500

The Bought Beau­ti­fully Mar­ket is my meraki.

It has taken over two years, but I am excited, hon­ored, pet­ri­fied, and thrilled to tell you that the Bought Beau­ti­fully Mar­ket is  accept­ing ven­dor partners…AND it’s almost open for busi­ness!!! Soon you will be able to find and pur­chase amaz­ing prod­ucts that are impact­ing the world with Christ’s love in one con­ve­nient place (Lucky you — our blog read­ers will be the first to ones shop on the Bought Beau­ti­fully Market).

In the mean­time, if you know any orga­ni­za­tion who are shar­ing God’s love through their busi­ness and might be inter­ested in reach­ing a wider mar­ket, please, send them our way!

So, what have you been scared to do?  Trust God and step out, worldly suc­cess or fail­ure is never as impor­tant as fol­low­ing God’s call­ing at that moment in your life.


It is worth it. I promise.
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Noonday — Nation wide Trunk Show

Tomor­row, Noon­day  Col­lec­tion is doing some­thing very spe­cial — a nation wide trunk show. Peo­ple all over the coun­try will be gath­er­ing for the launch of Noonday’s fall collection.


Unfor­tu­nately, (well, for­tu­nately for me!), I am on fam­ily vaca­tion so I won’t be host­ing or attend­ing a trunk show.  I don’t want to miss out com­pletely, so if you aren’t already attend­ing a trunk show you are offi­cially invited to my:

From the com­fort of your liv­ing room, hang­ing in your PJs, with a glass of wine and a piece of choco­late, Noon­day View­ing Party.

Check out this video, it’s a sneak peek of the fall new items :

Seri­ously, how great are these pieces, not to men­tion that lit­tle girl!?

If you are an ear­ring per­son, there are so many fab­u­lous ones this season.

If you are neck­lace girl, they have every­thing from sim­ple to ornate. There are just sooooooo many great items!

You are not going to want to miss out.  So, hop on my Noon­day Col­lec­tion Site tomor­row, enjoy brows­ing from the com­fort of your liv­ing room and be one of the first peo­ple to pur­chase these amaz­ing pieces.

Why shop Noon­day Col­lec­tion?

1. You will be the most styl­ish girl on the block in your new fall duds
2. You are sup­port­ing our adop­tion! 20% of all the sales from my site go towards our adop­tion fund.
3. You are empow­er­ing arti­sans around the world as Noon­day pays all their arti­sans liv­ing wages. 

Happy Shop­ping!


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Word of the Week — Meraki

This week we are expand­ing our Word of the Week hori­zons and learn­ing a Greek word.  There is no exact Eng­lish trans­la­tion for this word, but it is such a good one, I fig­ured it was time we learned and used it.  We all need a lit­tle diver­sity in our life and vocab­u­lar­ies, right?


Mer­aki (pro­nounced: may-rah-kee):

       1. To do some­thing with soul, cre­ativ­ity, or love.

       2. To put some­thing of your­self into what you are doing.


Here is a lit­tle more insight into the word; it is used when refer­ring to your own cre­ations (food, art, projects), it is some­thing done from the heart, and done with all your best effort and creativity.

So, I want to raise my chil­dren with Meraki…but does this mean I have to play legos with Meraki?

My ques­tion of the week for you :

What do you do with Meraki?

For me, besides my fam­ily, it is writ­ing this blog and work­ing on our big project (that I will share more about soon)!


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Friday Favorites — Family, Freebies, and Dreams

Happy Fri­day! It’s time to share a few of my favorite things.View More:

Fam­ily -

Last week­end I went home for my sister’s bridal shower. I some times can’t get over how lucky I am — I truly have the best fam­ily (on both sides and extended fam­ily)! It was so spe­cial to be home with my sis­ters, par­ents, and friends cel­e­brat­ing this excit­ing time.


View More:

With my sis­ters all being in such dif­fer­ent and busy sea­sons in our lives, not to men­tion dif­fer­ent states, these moments together are truly precious.


View More:

We made this adorable SPARKLE print to use dur­ing the shower. I had been want­ing to make one for Storie’s bed­room and the shower gave us a rea­son to do it! It is too cute not to share, so you can print your copy here, add a lit­tle Sparkle to it (glue and glit­ter, baby) and a lit­tle Sparkle to your life!

Dreams -View More:

One of the best parts about my fam­ily is my mom.  She is a spe­cial lady.  She spent the last 30 years of her life being a mom.  AND what a mom she was; kind, car­ing, SELFLESS, gen­er­ous, hum­ble, and FUN, (geesh is she fun — every time I am with her I am reminded that I need to laugh more).  She held noth­ing back,  was our biggest sup­porter, always there for us, giv­ing her all to make our lives won­der­ful. As we got older and moved out of the house, my mom started hav­ing more time on her hands and pur­su­ing her inter­ests — I actu­ally remem­ber think­ing WHAT?  Mom has her own inter­ests, tal­ents, skills that don’t involve us?).  Well, she cer­tainly does, and she was brave enough to try a few dif­fer­ent things until she found the right fit. Last year she opened a busi­ness with one of her dear friends, One Hun­dred Chairs Vin­tage Rentals. If you need a lit­tle inspi­ra­tion for a gath­er­ing you are hav­ing or live in AZ and would like to rent a few pieces check them out!



   View More: View More: View More:

 The pic­tures I have of the shower are just a snip­pet of what these two amaz­ing women are capa­ble of!

 View More: View More:   View More:

Mom, it has been so inspir­ing watch­ing you make your dreams a reality!!!

View More:

What are you dream­ing about ?

I’ll share about one of my biggest dreams next week. Stay tuned.

Also, I want to say a spe­cial thanks to Car­rie Zim­mer Pho­tog­ra­phy for cap­tur­ing Natalie’s spe­cial day and shar­ing the pic­tures in this post with us. You are so tal­ented, Carrie.

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The winner is…


And the win­ner is Katie B.

Con­grat­u­la­tions.  We hope you love your Bet­ter Life Lap Top bag as much as we do!

Storie & Better Life Bag

Don’t be the last to know that you won some­thing amaz­ing.  Like us here.

Sorry, if you have waited in antic­i­pa­tion for this news.  We always announce our win­ners on Face­book first, so if you aren’t fol­low­ing us there, please do!

You can also find us on Pin­ter­est, Twit­ter, and Insta­gram.

Visit Bought Beautifully’s pro­file on Pin­ter­est.

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House of Hope

A mis­sions trip to Nicaragua inad­ver­tently led me down some bumpy dirt roads to the dis­cov­ery of a beau­ti­ful organization.

house of hope logo

House of Hope started in 2001 with April Havlin and her vision to lead women out of pros­ti­tu­tion. With the Lord’s pro­vi­sion, House of Hope has been able to offer young women job train­ing and hous­ing for more than 10 years!

As these women are dis­ci­pled in the love of God, they also learn how to cook, clean, sew, knit, and cro­chet. These skills are used to cre­ate prod­ucts that profit the House of Hope movement!

hoh necklace             hoh bracelet

Wish you could pur­chase these awe­some hand-made prod­ucts? YOU CAN!

House of Hope offers an online store where you can view and buy prod­ucts made by these artisans!

With con­tin­ued sup­port, House of Hope plans to expand into Bolivia, Hon­duras and Peru. How can YOU help? Check out these 8 ways!hoh earrings

  1. Give a grant.
  2. Become a sponsor.
  3. Bring a team.
  4. Visit the store.
  5. Give a uniform.
  6. Make a donation.
  7. Pro­vide supplies.
  8. Pro­vide clothing.

Visit the House of Hope web­site to learn more about how you can take action!


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