Who Likes to Party (with a purpose)?

I love using the power of my pur­chases to change someone’s life. How­ever, I have always wanted to play a more hands on role in the process. Today, I dis­cov­ered that role through Sole Hope parties!


Sure, you can buy a pair of shoes that in turn gives a pair to some­one in need; but how cool would it be to gather with your friends and make the shoes your­self? You can do just that with Sole Hope Shoe Par­ties.

Sole Hope has devel­oped 4 easy steps to re-purpose old pairs of jeans into shoes for African children:

  1. Col­lect your forgotten/unwanted jeans (I have at LEAST 5 pairs).
  2. Cut out the shoe pat­terns accord­ing to the Sole Hope party book.
  3. Trace the pat­tern onto old jeans and cut!
  4. Mail the pat­terns to Sole Hope


Easy as 1,2,3, 4 :)!

You get to spend qual­ity time with your friends while also mak­ing a difference:

  • Every piece of fab­ric you cut will  pro­tect a child’s feet from jig­ger infestations.
  • Women in Uganda will be pro­vided with a job — sewing together each pair of shoes!
  • Family’s lives will be changed. The employ­ment and train­ing will give each woman with pride in her skill and work­man­ship and pro­vide income to care for her family.

Let’s join together and party with a purpose!

Not that into par­ties? No prob­lem, you can sup­port Sole Hope by buy­ing prod­ucts from their store here.


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